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Chicken 12.90 | Beef 12.90 | Seafood 15.90 | Vegetable 11.90
25. Basil Chilli Sauce
Classic Thai stir-fry with garlic-chilli sauce & fragrant basil
26. Ginger Sauce
Delightful stir-fry ginger flavoured sauce with vegetables, soy & oyster sauce
27. Cashew Nuts Sauce
A wok tossed mild chilli bean sauce with vegetables & cashew nuts, sweet tones
28. Oyster Sauce
Oyster & soy sauce based stir-fry with seasonal vegetables
29. Garlic & Pepper Sauce
Delightful garlic & pepper dish served on thinly sliced fresh cabbage
30. Lemongrass Sauce
Wonderful lemongrass flavoured sauce cooked with garlic-chilli & seasonal vegetables
31. Sweet & Sour Sauce
Thai styled sweet & sour wok tossed with vegetables, cucumber, tomato & pineapple
32. Peanut Sauce
Wok tossed seasonal vegetables with our special homemade peanut sauce
33. Pad Char Sauce
Classic spicy Thai stir-fry with garlic-chilli, rhizome, vegetables & fragrant basil